Download, unzip it, and copy the files into a folder that is in your PATH.

The dHTTP.txt file contains:


dHTTP - Download web page or files Copyright (c) 1999-2003 by WebGeek, Inc. (

========================================================================= Occasionally I need to download a page or file from a web site. Normally, I'd load the page/file in a browser and then save it. But it's a pain to load a browser just to download a file. dHTTP will download a file from a web server using the HTTP 1.1 protocol. You can also download pages that are password protected. Syntax: dhttp \[username:password@\]server\[:port\]\[/file\] Download the default page for a web site: dhttp Download a specified file: dhttp Download a password protected file: dhttp Download a file on a different port: dhttp You can specify a path and filename using the "o" option: dhttp /oindex.html Any header information returned by the web server is displayed on the screen and the data is written to a file. It should also work well in a network or timed script. This product is freeware. There is no fee for personal use. It may not be distributed as part of a commercial product without this original text file describing the product. If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to email me. The latest version of this product may be downloaded from my web site at Thanks! --Dave