When a Windows 2000 user tries to create and submit a Server Authentication Certificate by using the server's enrollment pages, they receive:

Failed to create 'CertificateAuthority.Request' object.

Error Your request failed. An error occurred while the server was processing your request. Contact your administrator for further assistance.

This issue will occur if the Enable Session State box is NOT checked on the application configuration properties of the site where the Certificate Server service is running, because the Windows 2000 Certificate Server service uses session states to pass the request to the processing page.

To fix this problem:

1. Open Internet Services Manager from your Administrative Tools folder.

2. Right-click the site where the Certificate Server service is running and press Properties.

3. Select the Home Directory tab.

4. Press Configuration under Application Settings.

5. Select the (Application) Options tab.

6. Select the Enable Session State box.

7. Press OK and OK.

8. Restart the Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) service.