If you have a local account and a domain account with the same name, but different passwords, and you logon to the local account, you may get locked out if you attempt to connect to a member server share via the Start / Run command-line.

NOTE: This will only happen if an account lockout policy is applied to the domain.

NOTE: This may also happen if you have a same name account, with a different password, in a different domain, and you are logged on to the 'different' domain.

In the above environment, the authentication request is performed using local credentials. Since those credententials DO NOT match domain credentials, each request adds to the bad password count of the domain account. Depending on the client O/S, the number of requests per connection attempt varies:

      Windows NT 4.0 <b>SP6a</b>    -  4 requests.
      Windows 2000 <b>SP4</b>       -  9 requests.
      Windows XP <b>SP1</b>         - 13 requests.
If the threshold of the policy is less than the above, you will be locked out before you can be promted to enter credentials.

To workaround this behavior, DO NOT use Start / Run to connect to a share. Instead, use:

      <b>NET USE</b> at a <b>CMD.EXE</b> prompt.
      <b>Map Network Drive</b> from the Explorer <b>Tools</b> menu.
NOTE: An administrator can disable the Run command to prevent this from happening.