After you install the MS04-003 security update, you receive the following message when attempting to restart your computer:

The Logon User Interface DLL Msgina.dll failed to load. Contact your system administrator to replace DLL or restore the original DLL.

This behavior will occur if the %TEMP% folder is encrypted, causing the file copy to the %SystemRoot%\System32 folder to fail.

To workaround this problem:

1. Restart your computer.

2. Press F8 to trigger the Advanced Options menu.

3. Select the Last Known Good Configuration, using the arrow keys, and press Enter.

4. Download the MS04-003 security update and save it to <PathToAnyFolder> on your hard disk.

5. Open a CMD.exe Window.

6. Type <PathToAnyFolder>\ENU_Q832483_MDAC_x86.EXE /T:<PathToAlternateTempFolder> and press Enter. The <PathToAlternateTempFolder> is any unencrypted folder path that you wish to use as a temporary working folder.


C:\DownLoadFolder\ENU_Q832483_MDAC_x86.EXE /T:C:\AlternateTempFolder