When a Macintosh client attempts to connect to a Services for Macintosh shared resource on Windows Server 2003, they receive:

The user authentication method required by this server can't be found.

This problem occurs because the Macintosh client does NOT use the UAM (Microsoft User Authentication Module), AND Services for Macintosh on Windows Server 2003 only allows Microsoft authentication.

To workaround this behavior, either install UAM on the Macintosh clients, or enable the plaintext password option.

To install the Microsoft UAM, visit http://www.microsoft.com/mac/otherproducts/otherproducts.aspx?pid=windows2000sfm.

To enable the plaintext password option:

1. Open Computer Management.

2. Press System Tools.

3. Right-click Shared Folder and select Configure File Server for Macintosh.

4. Under Security / Enable authentication, select Apple Clear Text or Microsoft.