When you right-click a LAN, or high speed Internet connection, and press Repair, the following actions are performed in the order listed:

  • If the connection uses DHCP to obtain an IP address, an ipconfig /renew is performed.

  • The ARP cache is flushed by performing an arp -d *.

  • The NetBIOS name cache is reloaded with a nbtstat -R.

  • A NetBIOS name update is sent using nbtstat -RR.

  • The DNS cache is flushed with an ipconfig /flushdns command.

  • The computer performs a DNS name registration using ipconfig /registerdns.

  • Windows XP SP1 performs an IEEE 802.1X Authentication Restart, if appropriate.

NOTE: See When you right-click a LAN connection, or high speed Internet connection, on Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, and future, the Repair option is missing?