To grant selected users administrative control over an OU.

01. Open Active Directory Users and Computers.

02. Right-click the OU and press New and Group.

03. Type the name of the OU Administrators group that you wish to create. I always use the OU name in the group name. If the OU is West Coast, I name the group West Coast Admins.

04. Press OK.

05. Right-click the OU and press Delegate Control.

06. Press Next in the Delegation of Control Wizard, and press Add.

07. In Enter the object name to select, type the group you added in step 03, and press OK.

08. Press Next.

09. Check each task you wish to delegate.

10. Press Next and Finish.

11. Add users to the group or create an OuName Administrator user and add it to the group.

12. Refresh:

Windows 2000 Server:


Windows Server 2003"

GPUpdate /Force