When you use NTBackup (Start / Programs / Accessories / System Tools / Backup) and press Emergency Repair Disk on the Welcome screen, or use the Tools menu to press Create an Emergency Repair Disk, an ERD is created than contains:

setup.log   - from the %SystemRoot%\repair folder.                              autoexec.nt - from the %SystemRoot%\System32 folder.                                 config.nt   - from the %SystemRoot%\System32 folder.
NOTE: If you check the box to also backup the registry, the registry files are copied to %systemroot%\repair\regback, but the ERD does NOT change.

When you run a System State backup to a file, it also copies the registry files to the %systemroot%\repair\regback folder. You can then create an ERD by copying the 3 files to a floppy disk.

NOTE: If you don't want to save the System State backup file, just delete the <FileName>.bkf file.