Download Cmdow, a Win32 commandline utility that allows windows to be listed, moved, resized, renamed, hidden/unhidden, disabled/enabled, minimized, maximized, restored, activated/inactivated, closed, killed and more.

Cmdow was written with batch file programmers in mind. Particular attention has been paid to the Cmdow output to make it easy to process with the FOR /F command.

When you type CMDOW /?, you receive:

CMDOW \[Version 1.4.1\] Win32 Commandline Window Utility for NT4/W2K/XP.                              (C) Copyright 2001-2002 Ritchie Lawrence,                                CMDOW \[window | /T\] \[/B\] \[/F\] \[/P\]                                CMDOW /TH | /TV | /MA | /UM | /CW | /AT | /FS | /WM                                CMDOW window \{\[/ACT\] \[/INA\] \[/ENA\] \[/DIS\] \[/VIS\] \[/HID\] \[/MIN\] \[/MAX\] \[/RES\]                                      \[/TOP\] \[/NOT\] \[/REN caption\] \[/MOV left top\] \[/SIZ width height\] \[/CLS\]                                      \[/END\]\}                                CMDOW /RUN \[state\] file \[args\]                                window  List specified window (if omitted, all windows are listed).                                /T      List windows only shown on the taskbar.                                /B      List windows using bare format (no heading information).                                /F      List windows showing full information (don't truncate any fields).                                /P      List windows showing position and size (left, top, width and height).                                /TH     Tile windows horizontally.    /TV     Tile windows vertically.                                /MA     Minimize all windows.         /UM     Undo minimize all windows.                                /CW     Cascade windows.              /AT     Intelligent \[Alt\]-\[Tab\]                                /FS     Switch to full screen mode.   /WM     Switch to window mode.                                /ACT    Activate specified window.    /INA    Inactivate specified window.                                /ENA    Enable specified window.      /DIS    Disable specified window.                                /VIS    Unhide specified window.      /HID    Hide specified window.                                /MIN    Minimize specified window.    /MAX    Maximize specified window.                                /RES    Restore specified window.     /REN    Rename specified window.                                /TOP    Make window always on top.    /NOT    Make window not always on top.                                /MOV    Move specified window.        /SIZ    Resize specified window.                                /CLS    Close specified window.       /END    Kill process linked to window.                                /RUN    Executes or opens specified file using associated application.                                state   Initial show state of window (/MIN, /MAX or /HID). Default is normal.                                args    Optional commandline arguments passed to launched application.                                Specify a window by its caption (case insensitive) or handle in hex format.                                The At symbol '@' may be used to refer to this window. For more help on any                                parameter use CMDOW /? . Eg CMDOW /? /RUN or CMDOW /? window.