The Support WebCast: New Microsoft Windows XP Command-line Tools and Troubleshooting Utilities page contains:

During this session, we will describe the new tools that ship in Microsoft Windows XP as well as the support tools, and how they can be used by support professionals. This session assumes that you have introductory-level knowledge of the command shell, Cmd.exe, and how command-line tools work; prior knowledge of the tools is not required. There are more than 40 new tools in Windows XP that can help you identify and troubleshoot issues, as well as automate routine maintenance tasks. We will discuss these tools as well as the batch and script language that can be used to automate the tools.

This is a Level 100 session that was recorded October 11, 2001 and presented by Clark Gilder. Clark Gilder joined Microsoft as a systems engineer in 1991. After five years in the field helping customers deploy Microsoft products, he moved to the product groups. For Windows 2000, he developed the Application Compatibility program (Apcompat.exe) for server and enterprise line-of-business applications. For Windows XP, he is the lead program manager on the manageability initiative, which is designed to improve the non-GUI management capabilities of the product by building new command-line tools. He has been designing software for Windows since 1987.