After you install Microsoft File and Print Services for NetWare on a Windows 2000 Server, clients that use NetWare client software can access shared files and printers on the server.

To install Microsoft File and Print Services for NetWare:

  1. Insert the Windows Services for NetWare 5.0 CD-ROM.

  2. Right-click My Network Places and press Properties.

  3. Right-click Local Area Connection and press Properties.

  4. Press Install.

  5. Press Service and Add.

  6. Press Have Disk and Browse.

  7. Press My Computer and double-click the appropriate CD-ROM drive.

  8. Double-click the FPNW folder

  9. Press Open and OK.

  10. Press File and Print Services for NetWare.

  11. Type the Netware Supervisor password into the Password box, retype the password into the Confirm Password box, and then press OK.

  12. To change the folder that the SYS volume will use on the File and Print Services for NetWare server.

  13. Type the path of SYS volume folder into the Directory for SYS Volume box.

  14. Type a new name for the server in the Server Name box.

  15. To change the memory tuning parameters, press the option you want to use in the Tuning section and press OK.

  16. Press Yes to restart the server.