Pinging the external network adapter of your RRAS server that is configured as a VPN server fails when multiple network adapters are present.

NOTE If you stop RRAS, the ping succeeds.

The RRAS Setup Wizard allows you to specify the external network adapter by choosing it from the Internet Connection dialog. RRAS then applies inbound and outbound filters similar to:

Src Addr Src Mask Dest Addr Dest Mask Protocol Src Port Dest Port Description
Any Any Any Any 47 Any Any GRE
Any Any Any Any TCP 1723 Any PPTP Inbound
Any Any Any Any TCP Any 1723 PPTP Outbound
Any Any Any Any UDP 500 500 ISAKMP
Any Any Any Any UDP 1701 1701 L2TP

To view the filters defined for your adapter:

1. Start the Routing and Remote Access MMC snap-in.

2. Expand the IP Routing node in the left-hand pane.

3. Press General in the left-hand pane.

4. Right-click the adapter in the right-hand pane and press Properties.

5. On the General tab, you can view and/or edit the inbound and outbound filters.

To allow pinging of the external adapter:

1. Press Input Filters.

2. Press Add.

3. Press ICMP in the Protocol box.

4. Press OK and OK.

5. Press Output Filters.

6. Press Add.

7. Press ICMP in the Protocol box.

8. Press OK and OK.

NOTE: See Description of Remote Access Wizards.

NOTE: In Windows Server 2003, TCP/IP supports ICMP router solicitations and the receipt of ICMP router advertisements, but they are disabled by default. RRAS supports ICMP router advertisements. See the Routing and Remote Access help topic.