When you use Task Manager, you notice that SQL Server is only using 2GB of memory, even though the AWE option is enabled, which should allow a maximum of 64GB of memory. The SQL Server log contains:

Cannot use Address Windowing Extensions because lock memory privilege was not granted.

The account that runs the MSSQLSERVER service has NOT been granted the Lock pages in memory user right.

To resolve this problem:

1. On the SQL Server, Start / Run / secpol.msc /s / OK.

2. Navigate through Security Settings / Local Policies / User Rights Assignments.

3. Right-click Lock pages in memory and press Security.

4. Press Add.

5. Select the account that runs the MSSQLSERVER service.

6. Press OK.

7. Restart the SQL Server service.

NOTE: See AWE-Enabled SQL Server 2000 May Take a Long Time to Start.