Download StartDefrag to facilitate scheduling a Windows 2000 disk defragmentation.
"Welcome. There are four ways to launch this program from the command line:                              ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                              1. "StartDefrag.exe" defragments all local partitions.                              2. "StartDefrag.exe c d" defragments specified partition(s).                              3. "StartDefrag.exe -schedule" adds program to local scheduled tasks.                              4. "StartDefrag.exe -configure" starts in configuration mode.                              Note: If you choose not to use the provided scheduling feature, you may use                                        the Windows task scheduler (Start Menu, Accessories, System Tools) instead.                              To deploy in a networked environment:                              -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                              1. Install or place StartDefrag.exe into a shared folder.                              *  Log file will be disabled if folder does not have write permissions.                              2. Configure schedule and log file options, and save them.                              3. Run the schedule command line option on desired machines.                              * Network users cannot reconfigure log file maximum size."