PowerQuest has provided PQFile.exe:

                              ******************************************************************************                              PQFILE SM/PM v4.0 build 111 - Generic File Access Program                              Copyright (c) 1999-2000 PowerQuest Corporation. All rights reserved.                              ******************************************************************************                              Usage:  PqFile.exe \[switches\] \[drive-letter | partition-number:\]\[path\]\[filename\]                                \[drive-letter | partition-number | ?:\]\[path\]\[filename\]                                  Specifies drive, directory and file to operate on.                                  Example: c:\dir1\test.txt or 1:\dir1\test.txt                              Switches:                              /COPY    drive:\srcpath\filename \[PQIO\] drive:\destpath\filename \[PQIO\]                                                           Copies 'srcpath\filename' to 'destpath\filename'.                                                           The paths and filenames MUST be fully qualified.                                                           If PQIO is specified PowerQuest file I/O is used.                                                           This should only be used by advanced users.                              /FRS     drive:xxx           Displays the file name for FRS #xxx. (NTFS only)                              /SHOW                        Displays all partitions on the computer                              /ES                          All following switches are extra switches                                                           Must be the last regular switch listed                                                           Example: /ES /DBG=C:\PQ_DEBUG.TXT /NRB                              /? \[h | H\]                   Displays main help                              /??                          Displays extra switches help                              /CBS  - Check for bad sectors                              /CEC  - Check for extra cylinder                              /DBG\[=\]  - Enable debug messages                              /NBS  - No bad sector checking
You can place PQFile.exe on a DOS boot diskette.

Boot to DOS and type PQFILE /SHOW to get the partition numbers. To copy boot.ini from partition 1 to a diskette:


To copy boot.ini from a diskette to partition 1: