Download Gldib1.exe and extract Gldib1.exe. I quote:

GLDIB                              =====                              The GLDib sample (contained in the self-extracting executable, GLDIB1.EXE)                               provides a demonstration of how to render an OpenGL scene into a DIBSection                               (a device-independent bitmap). It also demonstrates how to display and print the                               DIBSection, thus, effectively, rendering OpenGL to the printer.                              The sample creates a DIBSection which is of the same format as the screen,                               thus avoiding the need for system-translation the DIB at display time.  This can                               yield relatively fast animation for unaccelerated systems.                              The FPS (frames per second) animation rate is displayed in the title bar of                               the window.  You can reset this calculation (after resizing the window for                               instance) by hitting the 'R' (or 'r') key on your keyboard.