The subject error can happen if VgaSave  is not set to SERVICE_SYSTEM_START, or if any of the following files are missing or damaged:


To workaround this problem:

1. Restart the system and boot the Recovery Console.

2. Type listsvc and press Enter.

3. If VgaSave is NOT set to SERVICE_SYSTEM_START, type enable vgasave SERVICE_SYSTEM_START and press Enter.

4. If VgaSave was set to SERVICE_SYSTEM_START, mount the Windows 2000 Professional CD-ROM and type:

copy <cd-rom:>\i386\vga.sy_ c:\winnt\system32 and press Enter
copy <cd-rom:>\i386\vga.dl_ c:\winnt\system32 and press Enter

NOTE: The files are automatically expanded.

5. Type exit and press Enter to restart your computer.