The OOBE wizard usually runs when Windows XP is restarted after setup is complete.

OOBE performs the following:

product activation                              registration                              mouse tutorial                              user creation.
OOBE is disabled when:

- Your screen resolution is less than 800 X 600 with 256-bit color.

- The computer is a member of a domain.

- You use an unattended installation.

- You installed using Winnt32.exe.

Subsequent restarts do not cause OOBE to run.

To workaround this issue, before you run setup:

- Make sure the computer is NOT a member of a domain.

- Set the screen resolution to a minimum of 800 X 600 and 256 colors or above.

To perform the individual OOBE functions:

Product activation:

Press Start, More Programs or Programs, and Activate.

NOTE: During product activation, you can also register the product.

Mouse tutorial:

Press Start, Help and Support, and search for Mouse or Start, Run, type ITS:%Windir%\Help\mouse.chm::/win_mouse_buttons.htm, and press OK.

User creation or modification

Press Start, Settings, Control Panel, and double-click User Accounts.