When you try to select the highest resolution or refresh rate that is supported by your video adapter and monitor, you can't?

Windows uses the information in the monitor's .inf file to calculate the supported video modes. It some cases, the algorithm used is too conservative.

To workaround this issue:

If your monitor and video adapter support Plug and Play, use the Control Panel / Display / Settings / Advanced to change the the monitor driver to Plug and Play Monitor. This will cause Windows to query the device for the supported modes, instead of using the data in the .inf file.

If your monitor or video driver do NOT support Plug and Play, use the documentation, or call the vendor, to determine the exact video modes that the monitor will support. Guessing will likely result in damaging your monitor, video adapter, or both. Then:

1. Control Panel / Display / Settings / Advanced / Monitor.

2. Clear the Hide modes that this monitor cannot display box.

3. In the Refresh Frequency drop-down box, select a rate that your monitor can support.

4. Press OK and OK.