If your computer adheres to the Intel MultiProcessor Specification version 1.4, Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) devices may display interrupt request (IRQ) numbers above 15.


                              Devices  Vector  Level  Affinity                               i8042prt   1       1    0xffffffff                               i8042prt  12      12    0xffffffff                               serial     4       4    0x00000000                               serial     3       3    0x00000000                               el59x     32      32    0x80719ce0                               floppy     6       6    0x00000000                               sndblst  178       5    0x00000001                               aic78xx   40      40    0x00000000
NOTE: the IRQs for the el59x and aic78xx devices.

NOTE: Press Hardware Resources and IRQ information.

This condition is normal and results from the way that the BIOS and HAL interacts with the computer's Asynchronous Processor Interrupt Controller (APIC).

NOTE: See tip 2239 ยป Windows 2000 IRQ sharing.