When you try to establish a connection between Windows 2000 and Windows 98, using the Direct Cable Connection feature, you can't.

Use the following troubleshooting steps:

For Windows 2000

1. Right-click My Network Places and press Properties.

2. Double-click Make New Connection.

3. Press Next in the Network Connection Wizard.

4. Select Connect directly to another computer and press Next.

5. If the Windows 2000 computer is the Host, make sure you select the user who will establish the connection.

6. The wizard will install the relevant protocols, if they are not currently installed.

7. If you can establish a connection but it disconnects after a short time, install Service Pack 2 or later.

For Windows 98

1. Right-click Network Neighborhood and press Properties.

2. Make sure that Dial-Up Adapter is installed.

3. Make sure that the two relevant protocols appear in the list of installed network components.

4. Verify that the cable that you are using is compatible with direct cable connections.


1. Reverse the roles of Host and Guest on the two computers.

2. Check for conflicts with the ports. In Device Manager, verify that the ports are not already in use.

NOTE: See Q142324 - Cables That Are Compatible With Direct Cable Connection.

NOTE: See Q261276 - Parallel Direct Cable Connection Drops Shortly After Connecting.