When you try to bring a File Share resource online, you receive:

Event ID: 1068                              Source: ClusSvc                              Description: Cluster File Share resource ResourceName failed to start with error 2118.
NOTE: Error 2118 means that the name has already been shared.

The Cluster.log may contain:

File Share File: Share ShareName is online already, try and delete and create it again                              File Share File: Share ShareName deleted successfully !                               \[RM\] RmpSetResourceStatus, Posting state 2 notification for resource File Share                              \[FM\] NotifyCallBackRoutine: enqueuing event
NOTE: The File Share resource may be in an Online state, or may be in a Failed state (Event ID 1069).

To fix the problem, find and delete the duplicate share:

1. Start Cluster Administrator and take the File Share resource offline.

2. Computer Management / System Tools / Shared Folders / Shares.

3. Right-click any duplicate and press Stop Sharing.

4. Bring the File Share resource back online.

NOTE: You may have created File Shares on the cluster with Windows Explorer, instead of using Cluadmin.exe.

NOTE: See Q224967 - How to Create File Shares on a Cluster.