To kill a process in a batch file, you can determine if it is running by parsing the output of PuList. Extract the PID and use Kill from the Windows 2000 Support Tools, or the Windows NT 4.0 Resource Kit.

I have scripted Killproc.bat which can be used with the following syntax:

Killproc <Process>

Example: To kill Microsoft Word, if it is running: call Killproc Winword.exe

NOTE: The batch is not case sensitive.

Killproc.bat contains:

@echo off                              setlocal                              set proc=%1                              for /f "Skip=3 Tokens=1,2" %%i in ('pulist') do call :myproc %%i %%j                              endlocal                              goto :EOF                              :myproc                              If /i NOT "%1" EQU "%proc%" goto :EOF                              Kill /f %2
NOTE: If you do not have Kill.exe, replace Kill /f %2 with pskill %2.