Marty Lists bring us NetView.

The readme contains:

Network View - version 1.10                              Displays a list of all machines visible in the specified domain, based on role.                              The syntax of this command is:                              NetView.exe \[/NTW\] \[/NTS\] \[/PDC\] \[/BDC\] \[/PRINT\] \[/RAS\] \[/SQL\] \[/TIME\] \[/9x\]                                 \[/HEX:0xXXXXXXXX\] \[/DOMAIN:domain\] \[/T\] \[/B\] \[/TABS\]                               /NTW will include NTx/200x workstations.                               /NTS will include NTx/200x servers.                               /PDC will include NTx/200x primary domain controllers.                               /BDC will include NTx backup domain controllers.                               /PRINT will include print queue servers.                               /RAS will include remote access servers.                               /SQL will include Microsoft SQL Servers.                               /TIME will include all Time sources.                               /9x will include Windows 95 and later. (Only when sharing is enabled.)                               /HEX: allows you to specify your own bit mask.  Use /HEX: /? for more details.                               Multiple switches can be specified, separate each with a space.                               /DOMAIN: allows you to specify a different domain or workgroup.                               /T also displays the primary machine type (Server, Workstation, PDC, etc.)                               /B displays the output in bare format (useful when scripting)                               /TABS separates columns with tabs instead of spaces (useful when importing)                               An argument of /? or -? displays this syntax and returns 1.                               A successful completion will return 0.                               Copyright 2000  Marty List                              ==================================================================                              Revision History:                              1.10 	08/16/2000                              Added support for /T, /B and /TABS                              1.00 	01/12/2000                              Initial release.