Marty List brings us NetComment.

The readme text contains:

Network Server Comment - version 1.00                              Displays or changes the comment for the Server service, a description of the                              server which is announced to the browse list and displayed in apps such as                              Server Manager, Network Neighborhood and the NET VIEW command.                              The syntax of this command is:                              NetComment.exe \[/SRVCOMMENT:"Description text"\] \[/y\] \[\\computername\]                               /SRVCOMMENT: allows you to change the comment, otherwise no changes are made.                               "Description text" can be up to 48 characters, and must be enclosed in quotes.                               /y allows you to set the new comment without being prompted.                               \\computername allows you to manage the comment of a remote NT/2000 system.                              The new comment will not appear in the browse list immediately, it may take up                              to 30 minutes, depending on the complexity of your network.  Likewise, machines                              removed from the network are not immediately removed from the browse list.  For                              more information, see Microsoft Knowledge Base articles Q150800 and Q102878.                              The comment can be set using the NET CONFIG SERVER command, unfortunately this                              can also disable auto-tuning.  See Microsoft Knowledge Base article Q128167.                              An argument of /? or -? displays this syntax and always returns 1.                              A successful completion will return 0.                              Copyright 2001  Marty List                              ==================================================================                              System Requirements:                              	Windows XP; Windows 2000; Windows NT                              	'Administrators' or 'Account Operators' membership to make changes.                              Revision History:                              1.00 	08/12/2001                              Initial release.