When you attempt to install a Windows NT 4.0 or Windows 2000 Service Pack, you receive the following message:

Service Pack Setup could not find the Setup.log file in your repair directory.
Service Pack Setup cannot open or modify your Setup.log file.

This error can occur if:

- The %SystemRoot%\Repair\setup.log file is missing or damaged.

- The %SystemRoot%\Repair folder has been deleted.

- You have changed the location where Windows was installed, an unsupported activity.

To recover, perform one of the following:

0. Restore the %SystemRoot%\Repair folder from a backup.

1. If you have an ERD, copy the Setup.log file to the %SystemRoot%\Repair folder.

2. If you have identical hardware and Windows components on another computer, copy the Setup.log from that computer.

3. Create a Setup.log file:

\[Files.WinNt\]                              \%Systemroot%\System32\Hal.dll = "hal.dll","d023"                              \[Paths\]                              TargetDirectory = "\%Systemroot%"
NOTE: Replace %Systemroot% with the folder where NT / 2000 is installed.

NOTE: See tip 2013 and links for the proper HAL.