RShutDown2 freeware has both a GUI and command line mode of operation. The syntax for the command line is:

RShutdown2 \[/command type\] \[:"message"\] \[/machine machine name\] \[/file file name\] /XXXX \[/Y\]


<b>\[/command type\]</b>          can be any of the following:
                          <b>/help</b>        for this help screen.
                          <b>/send</b>        to send a popup message using the messenger service.
                          <b>/reboot</b>      to reboot a machine and optionally send a warning.
                          <b>/shutdown</b>    to shutdown the machine and optionally send a warning.
                          <b>/abort</b>       to abort a shutdown (abort takes NO MESSAGE TEXT!).
<b>\[:"message"\]</b>             "message text"  

<b>\[/machine machine name\]</b>  <b>/machine JSI007</b> causes the action on JSI007.

<b>\[/file file name\]</b>         causes the action on each computer name in <b><Drive:>\Folder\file name</b>,
                          one per line. A sample D:\Work\Computers.txt might contain:

<b>/XXXX</b>                     <b>XXXX</b> is the number of seconds to display the shutdown message,
                          before starting the shutdown.

<b>\[/Y\]</b>                      Does NOT prompt for a response if you perform a local shutdown.