Both of the subject STOPs are generally the result of hardware problems, but other factors can be involved.


1. If this is the first time you restarted after installing any new hardware, remove the hardware and restart.

2. If the hardware is NOT on the HCL, contact the manufacturer.

3. If you just installed Windows 2000, make sure that your system meets the minimum requirements.

4. Try restarting using the Last Known Good.

5. Run a Manual Repair.

6. I have seen numerous instances where running an Upgrade install from a Slipstream has resolved problems that normal recovery methods could not?


1. Check for a virus.

2. Boot the Recovery Console and run CHKDSK <Drive:> /r.

3. Check for failing RAM.

4. Make sure all hardware is properly seated and the contacts are clean.

5. Check for cracks, scratches, and other motherboard damage.

6. Run hardware diagnostics.

7. Update all device drivers to the most current versions.