One or more services may fail to start and the System event log contains:

Event ID: 3                              Source: <Name of Service that did NOT start>                              Type: Warning Application \[<Application>.exe\].                              Description: The application was started while the Service Manager was locked and NTLMSSP was not running.
NOTE: The Source filed contains the name of the service that did NOT start and the Type field contains the .exe file.

If a service requires the NTLM Security Service Provider (NTMLSSP) service to operate, it must load after the NTLMSSP service has started.

Use tip 0069 to set:

Value Name: DependOnService
Value: NtLmSsp

for the failed service, at:


Using Regedt32, you can match the <Application>.exe file to the ImagePath value name, to insure you are using the correct key.