When you use the Delegate Control Wizard, you cannot use the Delete button to remove a user or group from the delegated permissions?

The Delete button can only be used to correct mistakes during the delegation process. Once the wizard has been run, you must:

1. Start the snap-in.

2. On the View menu, enable Advanced Features.

3. Right-click the object from which permissions are to be removed.

4. Press Properties.

5. Select the Security tab.

6. Remove the appropriate users and/or groups, or modify the permissions, which by default, are inherited by the child objects.

When you use the Delegate Control Wizard, you can grant the following predefined permissions singly or in any combination:

Create, delete, and manage user accounts                              Reset password on a user account                              Read all user information                              Modify the membership of a group                              Manage published printer queues                              custom permissions