When you check the status of Active Directory replication between two domain controllers, you may see The RPC server is unavailable or The RPC server is too busy to complete this operation.

These error messages can be reported in the Event log through Active Directory Replication Monitor (Replmon.exe) from the Windows 2000 Support Tools, or Repadmin.exe from the Windows 2000 Support Tools.

The problem occurs because the time at each domain controller is beyond the skew allowed by Kerberos, preventing authentication.

See tip 2669 - How to Configure an Authoritative Time Server in Windows 2000.

If an authoritative time source is not available, you can use:

net time \\PDCFSMO /set /y

where PDCFSMO is the holder of the Primary Domain Controller (PDC) Flexible Single Master Operation (FSMO) role.

If you believe you have a configured time server, open a CMD prompt and type:

w32tm.exe -v

Here is a sample output that shows that PDCFSMO is configured but is not reachable:

   W32Time:       BEGIN:GetSocketForSynch                                 W32Time:          NTP: ntpptrs\[0\] - PDCFSMO                                 W32Time:          rgbNTPServer PDCFSMO                                 W32Time:          NTP: gethostbyname failed                                 W32Time:          Port Pinging to - 123                                 W32Time:          NTP: connect failed                                 W32Time:       END:Line 1147
Unfortuneatly, no event is logged when your configured time sync fails.