When you run Risetup.exe, the BINL (Boot Information Negotiation Layer) service is installed.

The BINL service answers clients, validates and passes client information to/from the server. For performance or troubleshooting, you may wish to tweak the following values at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrrentControlSet\Services\Binlsvc, but you must first create the Binlsvc key using Regedt32:

 Value Name   Type   Default   D e s c r i p t i o n 
 Port   REG_DWORD   4011   The standard port that the PXE client uses. 
 LdapOptReferrals   REG_DWORD   0   If set to 1, BINL allows referrals when connecting to a nonglobal catalog. 
 ResponseDelay   REG_DWORD   0   The number of seconds to wait to respond to a client when BINL can't find an account, so other servers that may own the account can respond first. 
 LdapTimeout   REG_DWORD   30   The timeout in seconds for LDAP commands. A value of 0 is treated as .5 seconds. 
 CacheExpire   REG_DWORD   25000   The number of milliseconds that BINL waits until it expires DS cache entries. 
 CacheMaxCount   REG_DWORD   250   The maximun number of DS entries to cache. Once exceeded, performance will suffer. 
 DefaultServer   REG_SZ      The FQDN of the DS server. When DefaultServer is not present, the computer uses its' known server. 
 DefaultGCServer   REG_SZ      The FQDN of the DS global catalog. When not present, the computer uses its' known server. 
 ClientTimeout   REG_DWORD   900   The number of seconds of inactivity before the server removes a client entry from the cache. 
 ScavengerSleep   REG_DWORD   60   The number of seconds between scavenger runs. 
 UpdateParameterPoll   REG_DWORD   14400   The number of seconds between complete re-reads of all the BINL parameters. 
 MaxDSErrorsToLog   REG_DWORD   10   How many LDAP errors are logged within the DSErrorInterval. If exceeded, a generic summary error is logged. 
 DSErrorInterval   REG_DWORD   10   The number of minutes for the MaxDSErrorsToLog entry. 
 AssignNewClientsToServer   REG_DWORD   0   A value of 1 secifies that new clients should be assigned to a 'server', preventing other servers from responding.