To add the Print Preview button to the IE 5.5 Toolbar:

1. Right click an empty area of the toolbar and press Customize.

2. Select Print Preview in the Available toolbar buttons: box.

3. Press Add.

4. Press Close.

You can use the following key combinations while in Print Preview:

<b>ALT+P</b>: Set printing options and print the page.
<b>ALT+U</b>: Change paper, headers and footers, orientation, and margins for this page.
<b>ALT+HOME</b>: Display the first page to be printed.
<b>ALT+LEFT ARROW</b>: Display the previous page to be printed.
<b>ALT+A</b>: Type the number of the page you want displayed.
<b>ALT+RIGHT ARROW</b>: Display the next page to be printed.
<b>ALT+END</b>: Display the last page to be printed.
<b>ALT+MINUS</b>: Zoom out.
<b>ALT+PLUS</b>: Zoom in.
<b>ALT+Z</b>: Display a list of zoom percentages.
<b>ALT+C</b>: Close Print Preview.
See Internet Explorer Printing Troubleshooting Page.