When you try to view a W9x share from Windows 2000, you receive error 51.

When the W9x computer attempts to view a share on your Windows 2000 computer, they receive error 53.

NetBIOS over TCP/IP is disabled in Windows 2000. To enable it:

01. Right-click My Network Places.

02. Press Properties.

03. Right-click the NIC that connects you to the W9x computer.

04. Press Properties.

05. Press Internet Protocol (TCP/IP).

06. Press Properties.

07. Press the Advanced button.

08. Select the WINS tab.

09. Click Enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP.

10. Press OK, OK, and OK.

11. Right-click the NIC from step 03 and press Disable.

12. Right-click the NIC from step 03 and press Enable to initialize the adapter with the new settings.