In windows NT 4.0, you could use either of the methods in tip 0466 to enable multi-processor support.

If you installed Windows 2000 on a computer with one processor, you use Device Manager to update your HAL.

NOTE: You must know if you will be using a standard or vendor-specific HAL, so contact your hardware manufacturer.

To install the multi-processor HAL:

1. Control Panel / System / Hardware / Device Manager / Computer

2. Record the type of computer type that is currently installed.

3. Double-click the computer type and select the Drivers tab.

4. Press Update Driver.

5. Press Next.

6. Press Display a list of known drivers for this device . . . . . .

7. Press Show all hardware of this device class.

8. Select the multi-processor version of your computer type.

9. Press Next and Finish.