If you receive:

   Event Type:      Error                                 Event Source:    WinMgmt                                 Event Category:  None                                 Event ID:        37                                 Date:            2/7/2000                                 Time:            10:05:55 AM                                 User:            N/A                                 Computer:        \[machinename\]                                 Description:     WMI ADAP was unable to load the perfproc.dll                                                   performance library due to an unknown problem within                                                   the library: 0x0 
the Performance Library Dredger thinks that the library is invalid, even though the counter works properly.

To resolve the issue, open a CMD prompt and type:

winmgmt /clearadap


winmgmt /resyncperf -p <processID>

where <processID> is the processID of the running WINMGMT process.