When you install Windows 2000, setup reads the Windows NT set information and transfers this information to Windows 2000. This only happens during setup.

If you have a new set, you must manually transfer the information to Windows 2000, so it can read your Windows NT sets:

01. As an Administrator in Windows NT, open Disk Administrator.

02. Insert a formated floppy in drive A:.

03. On the Partition menu, press Configuration and Save.

04. Eject the diskette.

05. Shutdown and start Windows 2000. Logon as an Administrator.

06. Insert the diskette.

07. Control Panel / Administrative Tools / Computer Management.

08. Expand Storage and open Disk Management.

09. Press Action / Restore Basic Disk Configuration.

10. Remove the diskette from drive A:.

11. Shutdown and restart Windows 2000.

NOTE: You may have to shutdown and restart a second time, to gain access to the Windows NT sets.