Supplement 4 of the Server Resource Kit contains passprop.exe, a tool that helps you tighten security two ways:

<b>PASSPROP \[/complex\] \[/simple\] \[/adminlockout\] \[/noadminlockout\]

    /complex</b>            Force passwords to be complex, requiring passwords
                        to be a mix of upper and lowercase letters and
                        numbers or symbols.

    <b>/simple</b>             Allow passwords to be simple.

    <b>/adminlockout</b>       Allow the Administrator account to be locked out.
                        Once the account is locked out, as in response to an attempted break-in,
                        it can still log on interactively on domain controllers.

    <b>/noadminlockout</b>     Don't allow the administrator account to be locked out.
If you type passprop without any parameter, it displays the current state of these settings.