You can use the System File Checker, SFC.exe, to scan all protected files to verify their version and to check and repopulate the Dllcache folder. See tips 2074 and 2075.

SFC supports the following switches:

                                      /Scannow     - Scans all protected systems files immediately.                                      /Scanonce    - Scans all protected system files once, at the next restart.                                       /Scanboot    - Scans all protected system files every time you start your computer.                                       /Cancel      - Cancels all pending scans of protected system files.                                       /Quiet       - Replaces all incorrect file versions without prompting the user.                                      /Enable      - Enables Windows File Protection for normal operation.                                      /Purgecache  - Purges the file cache and scans all protected system files immediately.                                      /Cachesize=n - Sets the file cache size.