Windows NT 4.0

1. Press Start / Find / Files or Folders.

2. On the Name & Location tab, enter *.* in the Named: box.

3. Select all your hard drives in the Look in: box. Check Include subfolders.

4. On the Advanced tab, select At least in the Size is: drop down and type the number of kilobytes in the KB box.

5. Press Find Now.

Windows 2000

1. Press Start / Search / For Files or Folders

2. Enter *.* into the Search for files or folders named: box.

3. Look in: should already have selected all your hard drives.

4. Check the Size box and At least should be selected.

5. Type the number of kilbytes in the KB box.

6. If you click Advanced, you will notice that Search subfolders is checked.

7. Press Search Now.