Windows NT 4.0 client:

1. Control Panel / Ports / Add / Modem Sharing Port / OK.

2. In the COM Port Number box, select the COM port number in the list.

3. Type the computer name of the SBS server into the Server box.

4. Type the name of the modem pool into the Pool box.

5. Click OK and OK.

Windows 9x client:

1. Control Panel / Add/Remove Programs / Modem-Sharing Client / Add/Remove.

2. Follow the on-screen instructions for adding a port. Enter the Modem Pool Path as \\ServerName\ModemPoolName and press Finish.

3. Click OK.

4. On your desktop, right click My Computer and select Properties / Device Manager.

5. Click the + sign next to Ports.

6. Select the port and click Properties to see the settings.

7. Click OK.