The steps to accomplish the subject task are:

1. Connect to the URL and create a Favorite.

2. Rename and/or move the favorite. Note that the hidden extension of this favorite is .URL.

3. Right click the <name>.url file and press Properties.

4. Select the Web Document tab.

5. In the URL: text box, replace the URL, for example:, with:

<b> javascript:window.resizeTo(<w>,<h>);window.moveTo(<x>,<y>);location.href=""</b> where:

 <w>   The width of the window in pixels. 
 <h>   The height of the window in pixels. 
 <x>   The number of pixels from the left hand edge of the screen. 
 <y>   The number of pixels from the bottom of the screen. 

Press Apply and OK. You may receive:

The protocol "javascript" does not have a registered program. Do you want to keep the target anyway?

Press Yes. You may need to do this a few times.

To open IE with <name>.url, either double click it, or place the <name>.url in a batch (see tip 0090):

<b>REM Switch to your prefered download directory
REM Dial your ISP
C:\Winnt\system32\RasPhone -d EntryName
REM Run the <name>.url
REM When you exit, hang up
c:\winnt\system32\rasdial EntryName /DISCONNECT