If you apply a hotfix that is not compatible with Terminal Server, to a Terminal Server computer, your server will not function properly.

To determine if a hotfix is compatible with Terminal Server:

1. If it is a self extracting exe, expand it with the /x switch.

2. Use FILEVER.EXE, from the Resource Kit, to display the FileVer property of the VS_FIXEDFILEINFO structure. Type filever /v filename. Sample:

   filever /v apimon.exe                                --a-- W32i APP ENU  4.0.1381.32772 shp    184,080 06-16-1998 apimon.exe                                     Language        0x0409 (English (United States))                                     CharSet         0x04b0 Unicode                                     OleSelfRegister Disabled                                     CompanyName     Microsoft Corporation                                     FileDescription API Monitor Debugger                                     InternalName    apimon.exe                                     OriginalFilenam apimon.exe                                     ProductName     Microsoft(R) Windows NT(TM) Operating System                                     ProductVersion  4.00                                     FileVersion     4.00                                     LegalCopyright  Copyright (C) Microsoft Corp. 1981-1998                                     VS_FIXEDFILEINFO:                                     Signature:      feef04bd                                     Struc Ver:      00010000                                     FileVer:        00040000:05658004 (4.0:1381.32772)                                     ProdVer:        00040000:05658004 (4.0:1381.32772)                                     FlagMask:       0000003f                                     Flags:          00000000                                     OS:             00040004 NT Win32                                     FileType:       00000001 App                                     SubType:        00000000                                     FileDate:       00000000:00000000
3. If the FileVer shows a hex version where the last 2 bytes are 8000 or greater, the file was built for Terminal Server. The decimal version will exceed 32767. In the example above, the last 2 bytes are 8004, while the decimal version is 32772.