After the install on NTWS or W9x, you restart the computer, but the SBS Client Application installation program does not finish the applications install.

The user does get a logon script and can access the SBS server. Desktop shortcuts are created and function.

Any of the following can be the cause:

- The computer was a client to another SBS domain.

- The client setup installation was previously aborted.

- A log file was corrupted during setup.

To work around this issue:

1. Delete the startcli.log file (probably c:\startcli.log).

2. Shutdown and restart the computer.

After logon, if the SBS Client installation doesn't continue, type the following into the Run line:



<SBS_SERVER_NAME> is the Computer Name of the SBS server.

<ClientType> is:

      i386 for a Windows NT Workstation client.

      win95 for a Windows 9x client.

Click OK to run the setup from the SBS server.