When you attempt to install new components, such as DHCP, RRAS, PPTP, etc...., after applying Terminal Server SP4, you are prompted to mount the Windows NT Server CD-ROM instead of the Windows NT Terminal Server CD-ROM.

This is caused because the \[Source Media Descriptions\] in the following .inf files are incorrect:

Oemnadma.inf                              Oemnadtk.inf                              Oemnadtm.inf                              Oemnsvdh.inf                              Oemnsvir.inf                              Oemnsvra.inf                              Oemnsvrp.inf                              Oemnxpdl.inf                              Oemnxppp.inf                              Oemnxptc.inf                              Oemnsvin.inf
Use notepad to edit each of the above files, changing the \[Source Media Descriptions\] information from

1= "Windows NT Server CD-ROM", TAGFILE = cdrom_s.40


1 = "Windows NT Terminal Server CD-ROM", TAGFILE = cdrom_ts.40