Using Control Panel / Console / Colors, you can configure the console background and text colors.

NOTE: See tip 0336 for how this is stored in the registry.

You can also set the current (non-persistent) backround/text colors at a command prompt:

color BT

where B is the backgroung color and T is the text color, per the following table:

   0       Black   
   1       Blue   
   2       Green   
   3       Aqua   
   4       Red   
   5       Purple   
   6       Yellow   
   7       White   
   8       Grey   
   9       Light Blue   
   A       Light Green   
   B       Light Aqua   
   C       Light Red   
   D       Light Purple   
   E       Light Yellow   
   F       Bright White   

The default is 07, White text on a Black background. To rapidly cycle through all possible color combinations, so you can choose your defaults, run testcolor.bat, which contains:

@echo off                              CLS                              setlocal                              for /l %%i in (0,1,15) do call :cycle1 %%i                              endlocal                              goto end                              :cycle1                              set /a cb=%1                              if %cb% LSS 10 goto cycle11                              if %cb% EQU 10 set cb=A&goto cycle11                              if %cb% EQU 11 set cb=B&goto cycle11                              if %cb% EQU 12 set cb=C&goto cycle11                              if %cb% EQU 13 set cb=D&goto cycle11                              if %cb% EQU 14 set cb=E&goto cycle11                              set cb=F                              :cycle11                              for /l %%i in (0,1,15) do call :cycle2 %%i                              goto end                              :cycle2                              set /a cf=%1                              if %cf% LSS 10 goto cycle21                              if %cf% EQU 10 set cf=A&goto cycle21                              if %cf% EQU 11 set cf=B&goto cycle21                              if %cf% EQU 12 set cf=C&goto cycle21                              if %cf% EQU 13 set cf=D&goto cycle21                              if %cf% EQU 14 set cf=E&goto cycle21                              set cf=F                              :cycle21                              if %cb% EQU %cf% goto end                              CLS                              color %cb%%cf%                              @echo color %cb%%cf%                              REM You could use sleep 2 or Sleep 3 instead of pause                              pause                              :end