We first discussed this issue in tip 0846.

If you still have incomplete browse lists, try the following (instead of the UnboundBindings entries):

1. Unbind the WINS Client (TCP/IP) interface from all but your busiest segment.

2. Check that WINS and LMHOSTS do not reference the unbound adapters.

NOTE: Unbinding the WINS Client (TCP/IP) interface will unbind the NetBIOS, Workstation, and Server interfaces from the NIC.

To unbind the WINS Client (TCP/IP) interface:

- Control Panel / Network / Bindings tab.

- Select All Adapaters in the Show Bindings drop down box.

- Expand all but the busiest adapter and select WINS Client (TCP/IP) and click Disable.

NOTE: As the TCP/IP Protocol is still bound to these NICs, browse requests should be routed to the bound NIC. If this doesn't work, also try the UnboundBindings entries.