In tip 144, we learned how to search the KB for Windows NT articles.

To search the Knowledge Base for Microsoft Exchange articles, use the following keywords:

                                 Keyword   Description                                 -------------------------------------------------------                                 XGEN      General issues, including documentation                                 XADM      Administrative issues, including Exchange Server and service                                           pack installation, general user interface (UI), recipient                                           containers, importing and exporting, message tracking, server                                           and link monitors, public and private information stores,                                           directory, Key Management server (KM server), directory                                           replication, folder replication, disaster recovery,                                           Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), Search Control,                                           and Microsoft Cluster Server Support (MSCS)                                 XCLN      Client issues, including client installation, all providers,                                           Shiva, Schedule+ (including Macintosh), Forms, Setup Editor,                                           Sample Applications, STF Editor, Free/Busy Connector,                                           Outlook and Exchange Server Support, and Server Side                                           Scripting                                 XCON      Connector issues, including X.400 Connector, Site Connector,                                           general message transfer agent (MTA) and routing, transport                                           stacks (TCP/IP, X.25, TP4), and Dynamic RAS Connector                                 XFOR      All Microsoft Mail connectors, directory synchronization                                           (dirsync), migration, cc:Mail Connector, Notes Connector                                           (MSNC), SNADS Connector, PROFS Connector, LDE, SNADS                                           Directory Component, Connectivity to Foreign Mail Systems                                 XIMS      POP3/Imail, Internet News Service (NNTP), IMAP4, S/MIME,                                           Chat Server, MCIS, NT Option Pack, SMTP                                 XWEB      Web issues, including Outlook Web Access
NOTE: As of this writing, XIMS has not been implemented. If your search fails, use XFOR.