Due to monitor limitations, you may want to disable detection of your display adapter during an unattended install.

To use the default VGA driver, modify your answer file:

                                    \[Unattend\]                                    OemPreinstall = Yes                                    \[Display\]                                    InstallDriver = 1                                    ConfigureAtLogon = 0                                    BitsPerPel = 4                                    XResolution = 640                                    YResolution = 480                                    VRefresh = 60                                    AutoConfirm = 1                                    \[DisplayDrivers\]                                    "Standard VGA (640x480, 16 colors)" = "RETAIL"                              To find the text string to use in the \[DisplayDrivers\] sections, search for VGA in the Txtsetup.sif file:

       forcevga = "Standard VGA (640x480, 16 colors)",files.none

On the above example, RETAIL indicates that the driver is on the Windows NT CD-ROM, while OEM means that it is provided by a third party manufacturer.