In tip 809, we described the STATUS_BUFFER_OVERFLOW.

Other possible scenarios for receiving:

                                 Event ID: 2012                                 Source: Srv,                                 Type: Error                                 Description: The server has encountered a network error.

. A Win9x client receives The domain password you supplied is incorrect or access to your logon server has been denied..

. A client uses Explorer or Network Neighborhood to connect to a domain controller and receives The network has responded incorrectly.

. A client tries to print to a queue on a domain controller and receives The system call level is not correct.

In all the othe above, you can still ping the domain controller by NetBIOS name and by IP address.

Event ID 2012 is usually an indication of connectivity problems:

. a NIC may not be functioning correctly.

. Your NIC is outdated or imcompatible.

Try replacing the NIC on the domain controller with one from the HCL or contact the manufacturer for an updated driver.

To determine wether the problem is on the client or the server, pause the Netlogon service on the domain controller. If the client can then logon and be validated by a different domain controller, and no errors appear in the event log, suspect the domain controllers NIC.

If you use IPX and Btrieve applications, see Q195641.

If you have a network switch, and the problem is intermittent, try resetting it.